​​​​1. Students enrolling for the Preparatory Year will have turned 4 by 30 June in the year prior to commencement at St Ann's School (as is       ​required by the Queensland Government).
2. Priority of enrolment will be decided using the following categories, in order, as guidelines:

          a) Siblings of students enrolled at St Ann's School,

          b) Baptised Cat​holic students,

          c) Non-baptised students from Catholic families,

          d) Students attending kindergarten managed by Catholic Early Edcare at St Ann's and Smartstart Early Learning, Redbank Plains

          e) Students from other faith traditions whose families demonstrate that they share the expressed values of the school and who                     are willing to support and contribute to the schools vision and ethos.

(Within each priority, date of application may be used for ranking.)


     Allocation of applications to the above groups will be determined by information provided on the enrolment form, and an enrolment          interview.
3. All enrolments will be subject to the discretion of the Principal or delegate.
4. Enrolment at the school will be dependent on the availability of places.
5. Students likely to require special provisions [for example special resources and/or a modified program and/or specialist teacher or         teacher aide assistance] will be considered for enrolment in accord with the procedures outlined in the Enrolment Application and           Support Procedures for Students With Special Educational Needs policy developed by Brisbane Catholic Education, a summary of         which is available on request. 
    Failure to disclose information relevant to the learning and behavioural needs of your prospective student/s may subsequently result     in termination of the enrolment.
6. The school has a commitment to considering the enrolment of students with particular pastoral and social needs. ​