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Redbank Plains

2021 Term Fees and Charges

2021 Term Fees



1 Child2 Children3 Children​4 Children
Curriculum Levy$105.00$210.00$315.00$420.00
Capital Levy$115.00$115.00$115.00$115.00
Parents & Community Levy$25.00$25.00$25.00$25.00
($2080 pa)
($​2940 pa)
($3692 pa)
($4332 pa)


2nd Child3rd Child4th child5th child
Fee60% discount70% discount80% discount100% discount
Curriculum LevyThis is charged per student.

Capital LevyThis is charged per family.
Parents & Community LevyThis is charged per family.


  Explanation of fees and levies

C​urriculum Levy​​​

To support the provision of education through:
Curriculum Resources; IT; Incursions and Excursions.
Capital LevyTo contribute to repayments on buildings and maintenance
Parents and Community Levy
To support the work of parents and the community within the college
  • ​​If annual fees are paid in full by 28 February ​2020 families will receive a 5% discount for 2020.

Additional Fees                                                                               Term Fees do not include the following:

  • School camps
  • Swimming
  • School Photos

Methods of Payment                                                                 

  • ​BPay​
  • Online via Mastercard/Visacard through the School website by clicking the
    ​Enrolment tab and selecting 'Fees Payment Online' or via the Parent Portal.
  • Agreed Payment Plan by Direct Debit, Credit Card; BPay or Centrepay
  • EFTPOS​ – Debit and Credit Cards at the School Office
  • Cash at the School Office

 The school does not accept payment by personal or company cheque.



All requests for refunds must be made in writing (email or post as detailed below). The request should have the details of the initial donation/payment including the date, amount, name of the donor/payee, receipt number and the nature of the err​or.

For errors made by the St Ann’s School or it​s financial institution a full refund will be made upon notification, and all costs borne by      St Ann’s School.

For errors in amount donated, the donor has 60 days in which to notify St Ann’s School.  St Ann’s School is under no obligation to give a refund if an error has been made on your part, but will endeavor to ensure that any genuine errors (such as to the amount donated) are rectified.  St Ann’s School, which is a non-profit organisation, reserves the right to deduct any bank or transaction charges for any refund processed onto the donor.


Uniform Purchases                                                                        

Uniforms may be purchased from Lowes at Orion Springfield Central.​


​​Confirmation of Enrolment Fee                                                                          

A non-refundable fee of $50.00 per student will be charged when the enrolment of the student is confirmed.  Upon commencement, the fee will be credited to the first Statement of Fees & Levies issued.

Confirmation of Enrolment Fees can be paid directly ​at the school office.


Late Fees                                                                                        

 In fairness to families who pay their school fees regularly and on time, our school will follow up all overdue school fee accounts.

A reminder statement/notice/letter will be issued within 7 days to any family who has not settled their school fee account by the due date where a payment plan or other arrangements are not in place. 

 If payment or a suitable response is not received within 7 days of the reminder statement, contact with the parent will be made via telephone, mail or email.

If after two weeks from this second reminder satisfactory arrangements have not been reached, the account may be sent to the school's Debt Collection agency.  In serious cases, where there is clear capacity to pay outstanding fees, legal options may be pursued by the college.

Legal costs, direct debit rejection fees and any debt collection costs or other costs incurred will be at the family's expense.

​All Agreed Payment Plans will be arranged to include a regular schedule that will clear the school fee account by the last day of the school year. Any extensions to an Agreed Payment Plan must be negotiated with the Principal.


​Concession Information                                                                

A fee concession is available for eligible families. This eligibility is available on the basis of a just and equitable formula reflecting financial hardship and is consistent with Brisbane Catholic Education guidelines.

​An Application or Concession on Fees form can be obtained by contacting the Principal. The granting of a fee concession is conditional on the family agreeing to the direct debit method (including Centrepay) of school fee payment. Fee concessions are reviewed annually.
Under the conditions of an application for concession, families receiving concession will not be eligible to apply for or attend non-compulsory extra-curricular trips that are offered by the college.

St Ann's School - Fee Policy​​​​

 School Fees Information 2021.pdf