Principal's Welcome

​​​​Dear Members of the St Ann’s community,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our school website. This is where you will find information and updates about our community and future developments of our school.

We are a welcoming Catholic school, one of 146​ schools administered by Brisbane Catholic Education on behalf of the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Part of the St Francis Xavier, Goodna​ Parish, we welcomed our first 98 foundation students from Prep to Year 3 in 2020 and we have started 2023 with 361 students from Prep to Year 6. When we reach capacity we will be a four-stream school catering for 780 students and employing around 100 teachers and support staff.

Our school features contemporary learning environments that aim to empower learners with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to respond to the challenges of the world of the 21st century. Our Vision is to build a contemporary educational environment in a welcoming and warm community that values diversity and sets high expectations. While our Mission is based on Pope Francis' hope that a Catholic education is accessible and available to all people.

I would just like to say it has been a humbling and exciting opportunity to be the Foundation Principal for St Ann's since 2019. I am a strong believer in the African Proverb: "It takes a Village to raise a child" and will work to make sure all our students are supported both in the school and home environments.

In 2023 our primary focus will be; "Hearts of Courage"The theme of ‘Hearts of Courage’ helps us build the Catholic Identity of our school during our foundation years.  Courage is one of the St Ann’s School values and enable us to live out our vision and mission. Living our everyday life with ‘hearts of courage’ aligns with all that we do throughout the school year and is a constant reminder of the school culture that we want to create at St Ann’s. In our roles, we have been called to work courageously to build a community.

What does courage look like in our everyday lives?   ​

What does it look like in our classroom every day?  

What does it look like in our interactions with each other?


This makes St Ann’s School a valued educational option for families in the Ipswich area.

I look forward to continuing our development of a strong collaborative culture where open and transparent communication makes every St Ann's student feel valued, welcome and safe. I would encourage you to drop into the school office, meet our team and learn more about the exciting things happening as we look to the future.

"We are a Christ centered community, called to be who we are dreamed to be, contributing to a more just and caring world."

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Live Jesus in Your Heart – Forever

Mr Sonny Smith

Foundation Principal – St Ann’s Primary School, Redbank Plains