At St Ann's we strive to educate the whole child and provide a sound basis for life-long learning. We recognise that homework should reinforce classroom learning and aid children in forming good study habits.

The purpose of homework at St Ann's Primary School is to:

  • Encourage opportunities for students to review and reinforce learning that is initiated in

  • the classroom.

  • Engage in a range of authentic homework opportunities set at a level appropriate to the

  • age and ability of the child.

  • Provide parents/caregivers with an opportunity to be directly involved in their child's

  • education.

  • Develop curiosity, questioning, self-discipline and effective study habits that students

  • require in secondary school and later in life.

At St Ann's Primary School, we acknowledge the importance of family time in an increasingly complex and busy world. Our homework policy aims to support equitable practices whilst recognizing the diversity of families in our school community. We believe that homework should not cause family stress or jeopardize the right of children to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. Our approach supports the importance of family time, relaxation and play, and acknowledges the varied outside of school hours activities in which students participate.

At St Ann's Primary School, our homework policy aims to support equitable practices whilst recognizing teacher workload. We believe a teachers' biggest impact is spent engaging with students and having the time to reflect on and plan for dynamic differentiated learning experiences in the classroom.

Our Homework Policy can give you more detail and can be located under the About Us/School Policies tab.​