Learning and Teaching

​Learning in Brisbane Catholic Education schools is underpinned by the beliefs that all learners require:   
  • multiple and varied opportunities to negotiate, observe, engage in, reflect on, demonstrate and enact their learning; such learning opportunities will occur in ​individual, small group and whole group contexts
  • encouragement to learn both independently and collaboratively
  • challenges to build upon current knowledge and understandings in order to create new knowledge – be co–creators of learning through supported, structured inquiry
  • opportunities for learning which encompass the diverse aspects of all life experience
  • classroom and school environments which are intellectually, socially and physically conducive to learning
  • ready access to and use of appropriate technologies and resources to create, collaborate and communicate learning
  • personalised learning
  • essential skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • ability to solve real world problems in ways which draw upon a range of learning areas and disciplines
St Ann's School is implementing, teaching, learning, planning and assessing with the new national curriculum. The curriculum is that set down by the ACARA (Australian Curriculum And Reporting Authority).

The Religious Education Curriculum is the Brisbane Catholic Education Syllabus in partnership with the Brisbane Catholic Education Religious Life of the School document.

Information Communic​​​​ation & Learning Technologies (ICLT) is embedded across subject areas and features prominently in the Australian Curriculum.​

All subject areas are reported upon to parents at teacher interviews in Term One and Three and on formal written reports in Term Two and Four.

St Ann's School takes seriously its responsibility to implement comprehensively the required curriculum. It prioritises & values pedagogy promoting experience rich, inquiry based teaching and learning which is differentiated according to the needs in our classrooms.

Our school based programs are developed to meet the interests, needs and abilities of all our students. Continuous monitoring of children’s progress informs our planning. Teachers are supported in providing an exciting and relevant curriculum through staff professional development, networking and collaborative planning time.


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