Altar a gift to symbolise new partnership

​The theme of partnership resonated loudly when staff and students from St Peter Claver College, Riverview, joined St Ann’s School, Redbank Plains, for a very special assembly.

The purpose of the assembly (held on Monday 3 August 2020) – for SPCC staff and students to gift a brand-new handmade Altar to the primary school in its foundation year.

St Ann’s School Principal Sonny Smith said as a Catholic school, the Altar would be a very welcome addition to all school Liturgies and Masses.

“The Altar also formally acknowledges the unique partnership that our schools will continue to develop over the coming years,” he said.

“We not only hope St Peter Claver College will be a school of choice for our students as they move into their secondary studies, but we also hope we will have some of our St Ann’s students visit when they are students of St Peter Claver and remember the day this relationship was forged.”

The finished Altar is a combination of the passion and dedication shown by the Year 12 Certificate I in Construction students who designed and constructed it. The Altar also incorporates St Ann’s symbolic cross.

St Peter Claver College Principal Terry Finan said it was a pleasure to be a part of something that has brought the two schools together and will continue to bind them for decades to come.

“As Catholic communities, we both value rituals and this Altar will be both a focus of many of St Ann’s Liturgies and an ongoing symbol of our partnership,” he said.

“When it became apparent St Ann’s needed an Altar we didn’t hesitate to volunteer for the job.

“The College has the tools needed to execute the job and the talented students needed to bring it to life.”

St Peter Claver College Head of Technology James Dolan said real-life experiences like this are incredibly valuable for students.

“By giving them the opportunity to participate in these types of tasks they are able to contribute to the community while honing their skills and showing how much they have learned during their time at St Peter Claver College,” he said.

“It’s a part of both schools’ history now – the St Ann’s Altar built by the SPCC construction students of 2020.”

Mr Smith also added, “We cannot thank the community at St Peter Claver College enough for this amazing gift. Every time we come together to acknowledge and celebrate the presence of Christ amongst us, we will reflect on this moment.”​​​