St Ann's school thriving just three years into operation


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Just three years into operation, the Redbank Plains community of St Ann’s School celebrated their first whole school Liturgy on Friday 17 February.
With Prep to Year 6 students in attendance, the liturgy took place at St Stephen’s Cathedral and was led by His Grace Archbishop Mark Coleridge. 
St Ann’s School Principal Sonny Smith said the liturgy marks a significant milestone for his school community with the school first opening its doors in 2020. 
“Gathering as a whole school community has been a dream for ours since we first opened our doors to just 97 students in 2020,” he said. 
“How far have we come since then! 
“As a community we’re so grateful, in this short time we have grown to around 360 students at the beginning of 2023. 
We are also blessed with wonderful staff, growing in numbers from just 18 to 38 since we first opened. We also have more than 300 parents and carers who are part of our faith filled learning community in 2023. 
“Being part of this new school community has been, and continues to be, an amazing journey that has brought back the presence of God in all our lives.” 
The Principal said the liturgy celebration was a milestone.  
“It illustrates just how quickly we have been able to form a community of faith, love, hope, and courage in just three short years. 
“Not many schools open and grow this rapidly in such a short amount of time, and we are truly blessed.”  
Brisbane Catholic Education would like to wish St Ann’s School all the best as they continue to grow, achieve, and succeed as a school community. 

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